Identity Insurance & ID Restoration

Identity Theft can be a real threat, but with Jumbo's ID insurance and protection, you'll have nothing to fear. To learn more about how ID insurance works, check out the articles below.

As stated by the Federal Trade Commission, identity theft is when someone gains access to personal information and uses it without your consent. They could use your information to perform a variety of tasks including opening new credit cards, taking over your existing accounts, or making purchases.

How does using Jumbo help protect me? Protecting your online presence with Jumbo helps reduce the risk of your information being compromised online. But identity theft can still happen to the best of us. We want to protect our users even if the worst case scenario happens, so we chose to partner with IdentityForce, a Sontiq Brand, to provide our Jumbo Pro users with $25,000 in Identity Insurance and ID Restoration.

What benefits does Identity Insurance provide? There's no two ways about it: identity theft is not a fun experience. But your Identity Insurance through Jumbo can help mitigate potential financial risks.

Jumbo's Identity Insurance provides you with a team of experts available 24/7 who can help you with the entire ID restoration process, and you can contact them directly through the Jumbo app. Additionally, our Identity Insurance guarantees that you recover certain out-of-pocket expenses and lost wages incurred if your identity is stolen, and you can be reimbursed up to $25,000 if money is stolen due to identity theft. Learn more about IdentityForce's benefits here.

If you live in the United States, follow these steps to register for free identity theft insurance:

  1. Open the Jumbo app.
  2. Tap My Money.
  3. Tap Enroll for Free.
  4. For a visual step-by-step, tap the images below.

ID Insurance will cover you for expenses and legal costs resulting from the following:

  • Fraud: Criminal deception intended to result in financial gain.
    • One of the most common forms of fraud is identity theft, where someone uses your personal information to empty your bank account, take out loans or even commit crimes.
  • Embezzlement: Loss resulting from theft of money despite entrusting someone to take care of it.
    • Some examples include an employee stealing money from customer checks/credit cards, an employee abusing a company credit card for personal use or a company overbilling customers.
  • Forgery: When someone produces a copy of your signatures, banknotes, and other important documents.
    • One example is someone taking your checkbook and forging your signature in order to take money from your bank account.
  • Data breach: Loss resulting from a data leak of a company’s database.
    • Data breaches can potentially expose your usernames, passwords, addresses, credit card info, SSN and other sensitive information.
  • Stolen Identity Event: Loss resulting from the theft of your name, social security number or other form of identification.
    • An example of a stolen identity event is someone using your social security number for financial gain, such as stealing your federal tax return.

Click here to view the official document for IdentityForce's benefits.

Currently, our Identity Insurance is only available to Jumbo users in the United States. Due to the rules imposed by the major app stores, not all users are eligible.

If you are located in the United States but don't see Identity Insurance, please reach out to our team at [email protected].

If you're signed up for Identity insurance and have any questions about your insurance plan or ID restoration services, you can reach out to the experts 24/7.

  1. Open the Jumbo app.
  2. Tap My Money.
  3. Tap View coverage.
  4. Tap Call Insurance Agent.
  5. For a visual step-by-step, tap the images below.

We also encourage you check out IdentityForce's Terms and Conditions for more information.

Along with your free $25,000 Identity Theft Insurance, you can also increase your insurance coverage by sharing Jumbo with friends and family!

For every person you invite, your insurance coverage will increase by $25,000! For example, if you start with $25,000 insurance and invite one person, your insurance will increase to $50,000.

  1. Open the Jumbo app.
  2. Tap My Money.
  3. Tap Share to Boost Coverage.
  4. Tap Invite Friends.

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