Can I change my device and still access my 2FA codes?

If you activated Two-Factor Authentication on your account through Jumbo then we've included a way to reinstate your code generators for accounts should you change or lose your device.

NOTE: these steps will only work if you are switching to another device on the same operating system (iPhone to iPhone or Android to Android). If you anticipate switching mobile platforms, we highly recommend you - temporarily - turn off 2FA, and then reenable it on your new device. 

Here is how this works: when you set up 2FA for your apps through Jumbo, the code-generators are connected to your iCloud Keychain (for iOS users) and Google drive (for Android users) to prevent you from getting entirely locked out. Here is how to re-instate these generators.


  1. On your iOS Settings app, log into the same iCloud account that you used to first setup 2FA
  2. Download the Jumbo app
  3. Complete the onboarding in Jumbo and open the Vault tab
  4. Your 2FA code generators will be there in the Vault tab!


  1. Download the Jumbo app
  2. Complete the onboarding in Jumbo and open the Vault tab
  3. You will see a prompt there asking you to connect Google Drive to access your 2FA codes
  4. Connect the same Google Drive account that you used when you first setup 2FA
  5. You will see your code generators there in the Vault tab!
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