Why are my Tweets not being deleted?

If you have a lot of tweets on your account (3,200+), due to Twitter's API, Jumbo can be limited to what it can remove. Twitter only displays your most recent 3,200 tweets on your profile. After cleaning the first batch up, we rely on Twitter to repopulate your profile with your older, previously hidden tweets. Often Twitter doesn't do this immediately, so it will cause a slowdown in Jumbo's archive process.

Here's how you can figure out if this is what's happening for you:

  1. Open Twitter and scroll to the bottom of your profile.
  2. Check your oldest visible Tweet's date.

If you only see Tweets that are more recent, then that means that Jumbo is either waiting for Twitter's API to repopulate older Tweets to continue deleting, or can't access them because you have 3,200 more recent Tweets ahead of the one's you'd like deleted.

We are looking into other methods where we can work around Twitter API's limitations, but for now we are unable to erase hidden tweets.

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