Why am I seeing breaches for Combolists or other websites that I've never signed up for?

At some point, you might see your information has been a part of a data breach for a company that you never signed up with. This can be disconcerting, but here are a couple reasons why this might happen:

  1. Your data has become a commodity: Sometimes data is collected by one company and sold to another. User data is one of the hottest commodities to be sold and collected around the internet, so it can end up pretty far from its starting point. If the company that bought your data is breached and your information is leaked online, Jumbo will be able to find the website or database that was breached, but not necessarily the original website you put your information into.
  2. Your data changed hands: It's also possible that the original service that you signed up for was purchased by another company and underwent a name change. Companies change hands often and unfortunately sometimes your data does as well.

When in doubt about the origin of a breach, we always recommend that you follow the steps laid out here.

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