Why are certain apps acting differently since I installed Jumbo?

Our Tracker Blocker feature prevents more than 400 major Trackers from following you as you browse the web and use your apps. Sometimes these trackers are necessary for a certain app or website to run and are used for legitimate reasons like fraud prevention.

If you are noticing certain sites not working correctly while the Tracker Blocker is enabled, we've made it possible for you to view all the trackers Jumbo blocked and enable certain ones to resolve. Here's how to do this:

  1. Try to open the app or website that is currently blocked for you
  2. Immediately open Jumbo's Home screen and scroll down so you can see Jumbo's latest activity
  3. Tap the most recent tracker that Jumbo blocked. (This will take you to Block Trackers' Recently Detected page.)
  4. Locate the same Tracker by name and toggle it so it's greyed out
  5. Return to the site or app and confirm that the issue is resolved. Sometimes it can take a couple of tries to find the correct culprit.

If you'd like to be able to visit sites that use trackers, like shopping sites, you can disable the Block Trackers entirely.

  1. Open Jumbo's Home tab and select Block Trackers
  2. Switch the toggle at the very top from ON (green) to OFF (grey)
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