What features are offered for each subscription option?

Our goal here at Jumbo is to make it easier for our users to protection their online privacy, regardless of your goals. 

To help you pick the right subscription for your privacy goals, we've included a breakdown of all the features that Jumbo provides and the subscription level that the features are available on. 

Platforms Protected Free Plus Pro
Data Breach monitoring, one email address
Google, one email address
Google Maps 
Data Breach monitoring, unlimited
Google Chrome 
Facebook Messenger
Amazon Alexa
Block Trackers
Dark Web CC/SSN monitoring through Data Breach Protection
Google, up to 3 accounts (iOS only--coming soon to Android)
Priority Support
Not ready to commit to a paid subscription? No worries! We offer a free trial for all our first-time users. You can learn more about how our free trial works here.
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