How do I delete my Jumbo account?

Deleting your data from Jumbo

We designed Jumbo so that our user's privacy within the app is put first. To that end, Jumbo is made in such a way that users do not create accounts with us.  All of your information within Jumbo is stored directly on your device - this includes everything from login credentials to archived posts. This means that if you want to erase your data with Jumbo, all you have to do is delete the Jumbo app off of your device. There is no "Jumbo account" that you need to delete in addition to the app itself.

With that said, Jumbo happily operates under CCPA/GDPR guidelines and we encourage users to exercise their data rights. If you'd like to request a formal data deletion from Jumbo please send an email to [email protected] and mention a data deletion.

NOTE: If you have any posts archived in your vault, deleting the app will also permanently delete those posts. Please ensure you have exported any archives that you want to save. Also, if you have 2FA enabled for any of your accounts, we recommend you log into those accounts and disable 2FA before you delete Jumbo.

Exceptions to the rule: items that will not automatically be deleted

Your Subscription

Removing the Jumbo app from your device will not automatically cancel your subscription. If you are paying for a subscription, you will need to cancel it separately to avoid additional charges. You can learn about the cancellation process here.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) 

Deleting the Jumbo app will also not disable 2FA for any accounts you enabled this feature for. Please make sure to turn off 2FA through your account's Settings directly (this cannot be done through Jumbo), prior to deleting the app. 

If you did disable 2FA for an account prior to deleting Jumbo, you can read about how to recover your code generator here

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