How can I trust Jumbo?

We don't have access to your data: Jumbo uses on-device intelligence

Jumbo doesn't have access to the sensitive data you choose to store in the Jumbo Vault.

Everything that is possible to process on your device, we process on your device.

For example, when you log in to a service through Jumbo, the login (authentication) takes place directly on your device. Jumbo does not have insight into this process.

We don't sell your data: You are not the product

One of the reasons we built Jumbo is because companies have been offering free services that end up compromising on your privacy. These companies are selling your data and monetizing information about you.

While we have included powerful privacy tools in the free version of the product, our advanced protections available are paid services. This ensures that we will never monetize your data or sell ads. You're paying for the product, and that's it.

Interesting in learning more about the information that Jumbo may collect? Check out our article What information does Jumbo collect about me? to learn more.

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