How do I disconnect my accounts from Jumbo?

iOS devices:

To disconnect any account - except for Google accounts and Data Breach emails - tap on the app icon to scan the connected account. At the top of the page, tap the Disconnect button and confirm your decision, and your account will be disconnected from Jumbo.

For Google accounts and Data Breach emails, you will need to take the extra step of selecting to scan the specific account that you'd like to disconnect. Afterwards you will be presented with the scan page and can tap the Disconnect button at the top of the screen.

Android devices:

There are two different ways for you to disconnect an account from Jumbo.

Disconnect an account from the home screen:

1. Open Jumbo's home screen.

2. Tap the icon of the account you would like to disconnect.

3. Select Disconnect from the menu.

Disconnect an account from the scan page:

If you've just scanned an account and would like to disconnect it:

1. Tap the three vertical dots in the top right corner.

2. Select Disconnect from there.

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