How do I activate dark web credit card and Social Security number monitoring?

Where do I enable this feature in Jumbo? Good news! If you're subscribed to Jumbo Pro, this feature is automatically enabled and included in your Data Breach monitoring. 

We put our user's privacy above all else. To help your information stay as secure as possible, we do not ask for any additional financial or personal information from you to use this feature

How does this work exactly? With Data Breach monitoring Jumbo is already scanning the dark web for the email addresses you've connected to the app. With this feature, Jumbo's searches are expanded to monitor for traces of your credit cards, Social Security number, Driver's License, and Passport. If Jumbo detects a data breach linked to one of your connected email addresses, the app will notify you of that breach as well as the nature of the PII (personally identifiable information) in that breach. This is all done with your email address; Jumbo is not collecting your personal Social Security number or other information and running a search against it.

What can I do if Jumbo discovers my personal information has been leaked? We've got you covered! Depending on your specific situation, we have provided steps you can take to secure your account after a data breach and information on activating Identity Insurance through Jumbo Pro. We encourage you to look over the scenarios and resources in this article to help you navigate the best next steps for your specific situation.

Is there a way to erase or undo a data breach? Once information has been leaked from a data breach, it becomes publicly available. This means it is nearly impossible to completely erase. Because of that, it is important to work on mitigating the potential damage that a data breach could cause by securing your accounts as promptly as possible.

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