How does Block Trackers work?

What is a tracker?

Your phone is likely transmitting data and personal information to third parties without you even knowing it. These third parties get this information from trackers. Trackers are unique identifiers used to trace your steps on the web. Trackers are not just tracking the sites you visit or which apps you use; they can track when and how often you use a specific app, what you search for, and even your location, phone type, and battery level. Ad tech companies and data brokers can use this information to target you with advertisements or sell your information to other companies.

What does the Block Trackers feature do?

Enabling the Block Trackers will prevent more than 400 major trackers from following you. This is a powerful way to limit your data footprint and to reduce the information that third parties have on you.

How does it work? As you browse the web or use your apps, Jumbo checks to make sure that what your phone is trying to access isn’t on our list of trackers. If it is, that access is blocked, so the third parties never know a request was made, and they don’t get any of your data.

Are you monitoring my web traffic? Short answer: no. Our app does capture broad analytics if the user has not explicitly opted out of this, but the information captured is not related to any specific domains, trackers, or otherwise. 

We log the count of requests blocked per domain in order to generate the report you see in the app (e.g. "300 trackers blocked last week"). This information is stored exclusively in your device and is removed every 14 days. 

Is it a VPN? I was asked to authorize a VPN configuration. Block Trackers is not a full VPN in the sense we are not creating a Virtual Private Network. Both iOS and Android devices give developers a tool to interact with network traffic - the intended use of that tool was to implement VPNs. We are able to use this “VPN configuration” to allow Jumbo to filter out detected trackers. 

NOTE: Just so you know, Block Trackers is not an ad blocker. You will still be shown ads when this feature is activated, but your data will not be used in determining the ads you are shown. 
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