What is a data breach?

What is a data breach, and how does Jumbo protect me?

A data breach exposes your personal information stored on a website or database. This information can range from your email address, home address, credit card number and your SSN.

If you're notified of a data breach from Jumbo, you are not alone. Data breaches are most often a result of cyberattacks on a service's database that store many users' information.

Jumbo will make sure you stay on top of your data by scanning the dark web for you. We first hash (or encrypt) your email using 256SHA encryption to make sure that no one (not even us) can see your email address while we check for leaks. If there's a new leak, Jumbo will alert you right away about any related info that may have been affected.

The best part is that Jumbo doesn't need any of your personal info to search for data leaks--all we require is your email address, which you can also delete from the app anytime.