Certain service accounts

Here are some recommendations on what to do with service accounts such as utilities, phone service or fraudulent home rentals.

1. Fraudulent expenses related to utilities

  • If you suspect someone used your identity to get cable, electric, water, or other similar services, contact the service provider where the identity fraud took place.
  • For extra assistance, contact your state Public Utility Commission and explain the situation. You can find contact information at naruc.org/about-naruc/regulatory-commissions.

2. Fraudulent phone service expenses

  • If you suspect someone used your identity to sign up for a phone service, contact the National Consumer Telecom and Utilities Exchange to request your NCTUE® Data Report. You can review this report at nctue.com OR call 1-866-349-5185.
  • For any fraudulent phone service accounts seen in the report, contact the phone service provider to cancel the accounts.
  • If the service provider doesn't resolve the problem, file a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission at consumercomplaints.fcc.gov.
What is the NCTUE Data Report? The NCTUE Data Report is a record of all telecommunication, pay TV, and utility accounts reported by exchange members, including information about your account history, unpaid accounts, and customer service applications.

3. Fraudulent house or apartment rentals

  • If you suspect someone used your identity to sign a house or apartment lease, contact the landlord. Ask the landlord who rented the property to the identity thief what tenant history services they use (water, heat, utilities). Contact those companies.
  • Ask the landlord for a copy of the tenant history report and what steps you need to take to correct fraudulent information in the report.
What is a tenant history report? There are several companies that collect and sell information about renters – such as how often a renter was late or if a renter has ever been evicted. If someone leased an apartment in your name, you'll want to correct any errors in your tenant history reports.