Can I trust Jumbo? What information do you collect?

We don't store or have access to any personal data. When you connect and scan an account or archive posts, all of these processes take place directly on your device locally and do not run server-side. Our team will never have access to sensitive information, such as your login credentials, Vault contents, etc.

We don't sell your data--you are not the product. One of the reasons we built Jumbo is because companies have been offering free services but are selling your data to profit. Be assured that we will never monetize your data. Our most advanced protection tools are paid services--you're paying for the product, and that's it.

We want to change the status quo of privacy. It is extremely important to us that we hold ourselves to higher privacy expectations than the services that we offer support for. Therefore, we only interact with your data when absolutely necessary, and it is always kept anonymous. However, we want to be transparent about some data we might collect:

  • We may collect your IDFA and/or IP address if you are a US user. The IDFA is a random device identifier assigned by Apple to a user’s device and is used by advertisers to track data for customized ads. The IP address is a unique string of characters that identifies each computer using the Internet Protocol to communicate over a network. Both your IDFA and IP address are personally identifiable information that Jumbo automatically deletes within a 45 day period upon collection when you first start using Jumbo.
  • We may also have processed your Jumbo ID (DeviceID), a unique and anonymized number used for statistical purposes.

Most companies do not consider this personally identifiable information, but we use extra precaution. If you would like to request a formal data deletion of this number, please read our data deletion guide.