How can Jumbo protect my privacy?

You probably put a lot of your life online these days - we all do. Each account you use has a lot of Privacy settings and preferences to manage and it can be overwhelming.

This is where Jumbo comes in. Think of us as your personal privacy concierge! We believe privacy is a fundamental right, and our goal is to build tools that allow you to take back control of your privacy and data.

Here are a few ways you can use Jumbo to help you maintain your privacy:

  • Scan your social media accounts and see a dashboard of all of your privacy settings
  • Archive and save old posts on Facebook, Twitter and more
  • Activate 2FA on your accounts
  • Delete your old Google searches
  • Scan the Dark Web for data breaches

We scan your accounts to monitor for anything from data breaches on the dark web to secretive Twitter settings that permit your location to be tracked. We let you know what we find and offer simple solutions to shore up your privacy and protect your online presence.

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