What are my ID Insurance benefits?

Jumbo's ID Insurance will cover you for expenses and legal costs resulting from the following:

  • Fraud: Criminal deception intended to result in financial gain.
    • One of the most common forms of fraud is identity theft, where someone uses your personal information to empty your bank account, take out loans or even commit crimes.
  • Embezzlement: Loss resulting from theft of money despite entrusting someone to take care of it.
    • Some examples include an employee stealing money from customer checks/credit cards, an employee abusing a company credit card for personal use or a company overbilling customers.
  • Forgery: When someone produces a copy of your signatures, banknotes, and other important documents.
    • One example is someone taking your checkbook and forging your signature in order to take money from your bank account.
  • Data breach: Loss resulting from a data leak of a company‚Äôs database.
    • Data breaches can potentially expose your usernames, passwords, addresses, credit card info, SSN and other sensitive information.
  • Stolen Identity Event: Loss resulting from the theft of your name, social security number or other form of identification.
    • An example of a stolen identity event is someone using your social security number for financial gain, such as stealing your federal tax return.

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