Long term fraud prevention

After taking the immediate steps to restore your identity, here are some tips that will help you with long term fraud prevention.

1. Connect your email addresses to JUMBO’s Data Leak Monitoring

After connecting your email addresses to data leak monitoring, you will be notified whenever an account has been compromised. When you are notified of a leak, remember to immediately change your passwords and make sure you have two factor authentication enabled.

2. Enroll in ID Theft Insurance (if you haven't already)

In the event where you experience financial loss due to identity theft, ID Theft Insurance is a great back up plan! Luckily, JUMBO offers FREE ID Theft Insurance to users in the United States. To register for JUMBO's ID Theft Insurance:

  1. Open the JUMBO app.
  2. Tap My Money.
  3. Tap Enroll for free and go through the registration process.

3. Routinely change your passwords

Change your passwords every 3-4 months and remember to use unique passwords for each individual account. In other words, do NOT use the same password for everything!

If you need help keeping track of your login credentials, I highly recommend checking out our article on recommended password managers!

4. Apply for credit monitoring services

These services help you keep track of suspicious activity related to your credit, such as someone taking out a loan in your name. Here are a few recommendations (keep in mind that these are paid services):

5. Regularly check your bank and credit card statements, preferably on a weekly basis. Not only does this help you keep track of your spending habits, you have a better chance of catching fraudulent purchases early on.

6. AVOID sending sensitive information or clicking on links through email. Many scammers use email to trick people into giving them login information and credit card numbers. Instead of clicking on links, you should always go directly to the website yourself and change your settings there.