Setting up My iPhone/Device

To start setting up My iPhone/Device, tap the category on the Jumbo home screen!

Turn on iPhone/Device Security
  • Keep your phone secure with the latest software updates! Jumbo will help you keep track of your device's software and alert you when a security update is needed.

Activate Block Trackers
  • Block Trackers will stop advertisers from monitoring your online activity which is used to create a personalized advertising profile. This feature is not an ad blocker, nor does it stop GPS/location tracking. Instead, Jumbo stops the ad personalization at its source.

Enable Wi-FI Monitoring
  • Jumbo will alert you through a push notification every time you connect to an un-secure network. Public Wi-Fi can be risky to use since your info isn't encrypted and can be easily accessed by hackers.

Once you complete those steps, you can move on to What is My Vault?.