Jumbo Free

100% FREE!

Yes, Jumbo is now entirely FREE! Get all the benefits of privacy and security without worrying about subscription fees. Some of our best features include:

  • Data Breach Scanning – Find out when and where your personal info was leaked.
  • Wi-Fi Security Scanning – Get alerts when a Wi-Fi network is not secured.
  • Block Trackers – Stop ad trackers from monitoring and collecting your browsing data.
  • Identity Theft Insurance – Get reimbursement if money is stolen due to fraud or identity theft.

How do I install Jumbo?

What if I had an active subscription when Jumbo became free?

After January 18th, 2023 we will no longer be charging for any JUMBO subscriptions. Users that had active Pro subscriptions when Jumbo became free will get an upgraded $1Million ID Theft Insurance and have access to Priority Support!