Jumbo Shield

Want to learn more about the Jumbo Shield on the home screen?

The shield icon shown at the top of Jumbo's home screen indicates your current protection level. There are three protection levels; Bronze, Silver and Gold.

bronze-shield silver-shield gold-shield

Bronze Protection indicates that you haven’t set up any security features yet! You can tap the shield icon on the Jumbo app to start setting up your protection.

Silver Protection indicates that you’ve set up Network monitoring, data breach monitoring and iPhone security updates, but still need to register for ID Insurance.

Gold Protection indicates that you have successfully set up your main Jumbo security features! Once you’ve completed the set up, feel free to explore the other features.

Jumbo Pro members do not need to pay any extra fees for Gold Protection.

Jumbo Shield is simply a way for Jumbo to help new users set up security features. Think of it as a guide for onboarding members! If you would like learn how to set up your Jumbo Protection, click here.

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