Facebook Privacy Audit

Another complaint we frequently hear is how difficult and confusing is to modify Facebook privacy settings, maybe because there are more than 30 settings available.
That’s why we’ve built our Facebook Privacy Audit feature, which represents our aspiration to become an integrated, one-stop shop for all your privacy needs, helping you not only clean your digital data but protect yourself moving forward.

When you click "Audit my Facebook", Jumbo will conduct a preliminary scan of your public profile for over 30 different threats to your privacy. After a threat is spotted, you can learn why it matters and fix it if you agree.

Here are all of the settings Jumbo can change for you:

Location History

  • Location History.
    • Jumbo deletes all your Location History, but does not disable the tracking (we're working on ways to make that possible). Tap here to learn how to disable the tracking.

Your Activity

  • Who can see your future posts? → Friends
  • Who can see the people, Pages and lists you follow? → Only Me

How People Find and Contact You

  • Who can send you friend requests?: Jumbo does not change
  • Who can see your friends list? → Only Me

  • Who can look up using the email address you provided? → Friends 
  • Who can look up using the phone number you provided? → Friends
    (Starting with update 1.1.4, Jumbo will change this to Only Me)
  • Do you want search engines outside of Facebook to link to your profile? → No

Edit Profile

  • Birthday: → Friends
  • Gender: → Hidden from Timeline
  • Interested In: → Only Me
  • Languages: Jumbo does not change
  • Religious Views: → Only Me
  • Political Views: → Only Me
  • Mobile Phones : → Only Me
  • Address : → Only Me
  • Social Links : → Friends (or any more-restrictive setting you have)
  • Websites: Jumbo does not change
  • Emails: → Only Me

Face Recognition

  • Do you want Facebook to be able to recognize you in photos and videos?: → No

Ads Settings

  • Ads based on data from partners: → Not Allowed
  • Ads based on your activity on Facebook Company Products that you see elsewhere: → Not Allowed

  • Ads that includes your social actions: → No One

Ads Preferences

Active Status

  • Active Status: → Off

Timeline and Tagging

  • Timeline
    • Who can post on your timeline? → Only Me
    • Who can see what others post on your timeline? → Only Me
    • Allow post sharing to stories? Jumbo does not change
  • Tagging
    • Who can see posts you're tagged in your timeline? → Only Me
    • When you’re tagged in a post, who do you want to add to the audience if they can’t already see it? → Only Me
  • Review
    • Review tags people add to your posts the tags appear on Facebook? → On
    • Review posts you’re tagged in before the post appears on your timeline → On
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