Getting Started Guide

Welcome to Jumbo!

Jumbo is here to give you back control of your data and privacy, without the worry. The app is broken into 4 main risk categories which you can manage from one simple dashboard:

  1. Protect from Hackers: Keep your personal information safe by monitoring the dark web for breaches and registering for ID Theft Protection.
  2. Block Trackers: Stop big tech companies from monitoring your online activities by adjusting your privacy settings and blocking trackers.
  3. Delete Digital Footprint: Protect your online presence by deleting old social media posts.
  4. Secure Family: Share all the protection Jumbo has to offer with your family and friends.

The best part is that Jumbo is built to run locally on your device, so we can't see your login info. We will never sell your personal data!

Let's get you protected.

The next step is to set up your protection. Tap each category below to learn more.

To set up the 4 categories, tap each card. If it's your first time, you'll be shown a simple onboarding for each category. Follow the steps to complete the protections for each category.

You can monitor how far along you are with the progress counters on each category card!

Data Leaks Alerts: Scanning all your email addresses for breaches has never been easier--just tap the data leaks section, and select Add new email address.

Credit card/SSN monitoring will work even without manually entering any personal information into the app. (Learn more why here!)

Wi-Fi Scanning: Jumbo will alert you through a push notification every time you connect to an unsecure network. Public Wi-Fi can be risky to use since your info isn't encrypted and be easily accessed by hackers.

ID Insurance: After registering for ID insurance, get 24/7 support for identity theft by calling the phone assistance number through the app.

Block Trackers: Jumbo will protect your anonymity by stopping advertisers from monitoring your online activity to create a personalized advertising profile.

This feature is not an ad blocker, nor does it stop GPS/location tracking. Instead, Jumbo stops the ad personalization at its source

One note: if you use other VPN services, enabling Jumbo's VPN concurrently may cause internet connection issues.

Only toggle this feature on/off from within the app for best results!

Social Media Archives: Easily delete and save old posts you made on social media by connecting your accounts to Jumbo. If you choose to save your posts, they'll be stored in Jumbo's Vault and can be exported to an outside location.

With the exception of Instagram, archiving is a permanent process and can't be undone.

Family Plan Invitation: Protect your loved ones by inviting up to 5 other people to use the Family Plan with you.

Everyone in the Family Plan has individual access to Jumbo Pro. So you can't see their info, and they can't see yours.

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