New Home Design Tutorial

Our new Home tells you at a glance if your data is safe and what you can do to protect yourself. All of this can be done from a simple dashboard.

Each category has a number of recommendations on ways you can protect yourself. You can see the number of recommendations left to setup for each topic and a progress indicator on the bottom right.

Tap into each category to view specific recommendations

We’ve identified the 4 major online risks and built tools to handle each one. Tap each category card to enable Jumbo’s protections and ensure you're protected against that risk.

Once you tap each category, you'll see an onboarding guide to help you get set up. Additionally, there will be a list of recommendations on how you can manage that particular privacy risk.

After completing the recommendations, you'll see the status of each privacy and security solution.

You can tap the Settings gear in the upper righthand corner > Services to view all of your connected services in one place.

Scroll down on the Home screen, and tap 2FA Codes & Archive. This will pull up the old Vault tab.

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