What is a Data Breach?

What is a data breach and how do they happen?

A data breach is an event that exposes your personal information stored on a website or database. This information could be anything from your email address to your address to your Social Security number.  

If you receive a notice of a data breach from Jumbo, you are not alone. Data breaches most often a result of cyberattacks on a service's database that store your information as well as the information of thousands of other users. 

What's the best thing to do after a data breach has been discovered?

The exact steps vary on your situation, but either way, we've got you covered! We have provided steps you can take to secure your account after a data breach and information on activating Identity Insurance through Jumbo Pro. We encourage you to look over the scenarios and resources in this article to help you navigate the best next steps for your specific situation.

Is there a way to erase or undo a data breach?

Once information has been leaked from a data breach, it becomes publicly available. This means it is nearly impossible to completely erase. Because of that, it is important to work on mitigating the potential damage that a data breach could cause by securing your accounts as promptly as possible.

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