How does Jumbo's free trial work?

What it is? It's exactly as it sounds. No catches, we promise! We want everyone to have a chance to experience the paid features of Jumbo Plus or Jumbo Pro without immediately having to commit their money to our app. You can cancel at anytime, or have it automatically roll over into a paid subscription.

Who can access it? If you have not already already subscribed or tried a free trial with Jumbo, you will automatically be granted a free trial after you purchase a subscription in the app!

How can I cancel my trial? If you give our free trial a shot and realize that Jumbo isn't a fit for you, no worries! That's exactly why our free trial option exists. You can cancel your trial by the same way you cancel a paid subscription. You can learn how to cancel your subscription here.

If you do not cancel your trial before the end of your trial period, you will be automatically charged for your selected subscription and price on the day your trial ends.

Note: You can cancel your trial at any time within the trial period, and still be able to access all the features for the entirety of the trial period.

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